BHR GRACE A293    ASA Pedigree

Breed Type % Fleckvieh % S. African
Fleckvieh North American 0.00   0.00  
Sex Date of Birth H/P/S  
Cow 02/12/2013 Horned  

Sire:    SSCH SMOHALLA X501      ASA Pedigree
Dam:    BHR EMMA P251      ASA Pedigree

Grace is a true BHR Blend with: Orange River, Antonius, Arni 8M, Doorn, Jahari, Great Guns Moses, Anchor T Metro, Hogen, Haxl, Horror & Hoinung all in the pedigree along with PRL Houston and SSCH Smohalla. The females in the pedigree are just as impressive: RHY Faye 13F, Giselas, Congosim Susi, Marita, Elsas Classic and Lettmairs Elsa.

Proven genetics that bring over 75 years of proven genetics in a complete package. Grace sells bred to BHR Warrick SA W510E due 3/16/15, for calving ease and a full extension of another generation of BHR Blend Genetics.



BHR SAMANTHA A305    ASA Pedigree

Breed Type % Fleckvieh % S. African
Fleckvieh North American 100.00   0.00  
Sex Date of Birth H/P/S  
Cow 02/28/2013 Scurred  

Sire:    DDD SARGENT ROTE 211U      ASA Pedigree
Dam:    LCF LULU 915X      ASA Pedigree

BHR Samantha A305 is a moderate framed, deep ribbed female that is strong topped, clean fronted with tremendous width of base. Sired by Sargent Rote and out of a ICC polled Hacks female that traces back to BHR Three Sixes and Hacks Fraulein on the top side with Doorn and Zulu on the bottom side and BHR Lady Pretoria G043E for maternal stability.

View her video here:

Samantha’s ultrasound data was exceptional with 4.03% IMF that indexed in herd at 115.97 with 1.22 sq. in./CWT which had an in herd index of 104.82.

I was actually going to flush Samantha but scheduling did not permit so she had breeding to BHR Warrick SA W510E on 6/19/14 and she is confirmed bred to this date.

A true BHR Blend package of genetics with power & maternal genetics, blended with German and South African genetics to enhance the best of both worlds.


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